Dupe List: MAC's Ambering Rose and Lorac's Hollywood

So I went by the MAC counter today looking for Dolly Mix.  Unfortunately, they were sold out so I just lingered around to see if anything else caught my eye.  I picked up several but was instantly drawn to one, Ambering Rose.  It was beautiful.  Almost as if NARS Taj Mahal and MAC Coopertone could have a baby, then Ambering Rose would be the offspring.  It is a beautiful burnt orange/brown color with shimmer.  Very flattering for darker skin tones.

But once I got in the car, I started to realize the swatch on my hand looked really familiar.  Then it hit me, it looked a lot like Lorac's Hollywood blush.  As soon as I got home, I pulled the Lorac blush out of it's draw and swatched it.  The two looked too close.  Hollywood has a bit of a more brassy orange color to it than Ambering Rose, but at certain angles...........they might as well be the same.  I love my Hollywood blush and while Ambering Rose is a deeper color, there was no point in keeping both.  So I returned it back immediately.  Now I have my eye on another blush, but that will have to be for another trip.

Lorac's Baked Matte Satin Blush in Hollywood is available at Sephora for $24.  It is described as a bronzed rose on the website.  Keep in mind, there is nothing matte about this shadow, but it doesn't go on like a shimmer bomb either.

MAC's Ambering Rose blush is available at any department store with MAC counters for $19.50.  It is described as a muted rose (sheertone shimmer) on the site.  It too has subtle shimmer so don't be afraid that you will look glittery.

Can you tell the difference?
Ambering Rose (L) and Hollywood (R)





I had already returned the MAC blush before I decided to write this post.  Pictures of Ambering Rose provided by My Favourite Cosmetics