Team Beachbody Challenge: 21 Day Fix-Day One

Yesterday began the first day of my 21 Day Fix.  I'm not going to lie, it was a bit of a rough first day.  Despite a rough start, I am determined to lose this weight.  To make myself more accountable I have decided to post everyday about how each day goes whether I am successful and even any miss steps.

At the end, I will review the program and give more details about the 21 Day Fix

My overview for day one:

Food Diary
Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs (barely salted and with pepper), yellow container of steel cut oats with cinnamon, and a small gala apple.

Snack: Shakeology Vanilla Shake (Vanilla Chai recipe)
Lunch: Tilapia seasoned with lemon juice and Ms. Dash Table Blend seasoning-salt free, green container of spinach and mushrooms with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and a yellow container of Uncle Ben's garlic seasoned brown rice and quinoa.

Sweet: Dark Chocolate Chips
Dinner: Red container of ground chuck seasoned with Ms. Dash Table Blend seasoning-salt free and a yellow container of Uncle Ben's garlic seasoned brown rice and quinoa.

 Work Out
21 Day Fix Upper Body Workout with Resistance Bands-30 minutes

Fails: Getting on the scale and seeing that my weight had gotten up to 198.8.  It was upsetting to think I had gained all the weight that I lost and then some since my husband's return.  I also was a bit impulsive and ate 2 and a half tablespoons of the chocolate chips when the plan is supposed to only allow for 1.  Lastly, I had a french fry from my husband's lunch.

Successes: I stuck pretty well to the meal plan for my first day and despite eating a french fry......I threw the rest away before the temptation got too strong.  Also, while the work out was a struggle to get through I made sure I finished it unlike my first attempt with plyo fix.

Overall, my first day was succesful but it was rough. I felt like a junkie in recovery.  While walking through Walmart to pick up some things for my meal plan, I felt so weak.  Trying to find stuff to on each aisle was torture.  It was as if each aisle was filled with only things I couldn't have and nothing I could eat.  I was proud of myself for not giving into temptation, but unfortunately the torture didn't stop there.

My husband came home for lunch and what does he have in his hands but a Burger King bag.  I don't even like Burger King, but the smell of the burger and fries made me want to punch him in the face as I watched him eat it.  He left and per my request tossed the bag in the outside trash so I wouldn't smell it.  However, he forgot the container of mostly uneaten fries. I stared at it like a junkie staring at a possible next fix.

In my mind, I thought no one would know.  I ate one and quickly through the rest in the trash before temptation could overcome me in the worst way.  The rest of the day went smoothly, just hoping I can finish today as strong.

If you have any questions about the program or Shakeology, feel free to contact me at or check out my website: