Wish List Wednesdays 8/30/17

After 3 years, I am bringing Wish List Wednesday back (formerly Wednesday Wishes)! As I am trying to get better with posting, I realized it had been awhile since I posted a wish list.  When I looked over my posts, I realized my last list was in July 2014!

So let's kick off my wish list with something serious.....

Moving Date
As of this summer, my husband is making his slow crawl exit out of the army.  Now the stresses are on overload as we prepare for life after the army.  Looking for a house, job, a new career for my husband, and the general transition is making me emotionally unstable some days.  But what aids in my stress the most is the leaving portion.

Our lease ends in October and it would be financially smarter for my son and I to make an early departure.  However, the army seems to have little to no concern about our finances or what is easy for our transition.

So my wish is simply for my son and I to be able to leave the island in the beginning of October without having to renew our lease next month.  Prayers are appreciated.

Find The Perfect House
With a move on the horizon, finding somewhere to live has been a challenge.  My son is a year out from starting school. So to find a decent house in our price range and in a good school district has been time consuming.  Obviously, finding the perfect house at the right time is the ultimate goal and ultimate wish.

Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner
I stumbled across this company through a Facebook ad.  Initially, I was going to swipe past it, but something about it caught my eye.  Function of Beauty offers specialized/personalized shampoo and conditioner.  You create a profile by selecting your hair type and hair goals.  Afterwards you get to pick the color of shampoo/conditioner, the fragrance, and the strength of the fragrance.

Once that is completed, you then choose which size bottle you would like for your shampoo and conditioner and if you would like auto ship for a discount.  They also add your name (or whatever name you type in) to the bottle, as well as offer free shipping.

Their products are sulfate free, cruelty free, paraben free, no toxins, and are made in the U.S.

Definitely on my post Hawaii wish list. My hair needs some love from all the hard water shooting out of our shower head.

Mini Fluted Cake Pan from Pampered Chef
The Mini Fluted Cake Pan comes out September 1st.  I am not much of a baker but this pan makes me want to be one.  It is so cute with it's Tiffany Blue coating and the little cakes it creates.  I am excited to get mine for the holiday season.  My husband may not be much of a cake person but my son and friends will appreciate their own personal cakes.

So that is my wish list for this week.  What are you wishing for these days?