China Glaze Lover on a Budget

So I found this site that sales great nail polishes for low prices. Check out video for my experience:

They have China Glaze for as low as $2.68 (a few are a bit more). Here is the site:

Now if you want a cheaper nail polish and don't want to order offline, I suggest Pure Ice or Milani. Both are great nail polishes and don't easily chip. Milani you can get from a drugstore or a mom/pop beauty supply (anywhere that sales Milani cosmetics). Pure Ice is made by Bari Cosmetics but you can get them at Walmart for $2. (Milani prices vary)

Here is the Bari Cosmetics website, but I don't suggest you buy from the site because the nail polishes are more than 6 dollars (more than China Glaze at Sally's Beauty Supply). Just check out the colors if you are curious.

FYI......China Glaze is the sister company to OPI.

Check it out and follow my blog! MUAH!