Condoms and a School of Hoes

So the college I go to has a bit of a high STD rate.........LOVE IT!

But seriously, it seems like this simple fact has become common knowledge amongst the students. However, everytime I check my facebook, another girl is rockin' that 9 month bump. To add to it, most of them are single.

Now, if STDs don't scare you why not a young pregnacy? I mean damn.....if you aren't on birth control pills, use a fuckin' condom. Hell, Trojan has made that new ecstasy condom and they (almost) feel like nothing is there.

I ain't knockin' girls who have babies young, but a lot of them are the ones who are the most sheltered or just plain stupid.

I have a few friends that have had kids since college started and have transitioned into adulthood and handled their business. I can respect that, but I can't get with the dumbasses who party and drink and leave their kids with ANYONE who will watch them.

O is what it is. This school has too many diseased dicks and coochies running around for me for me not to have a dude strap up (even if I am on the pill).