Summer Flashbacks

It is summer time and in my small (school) town it is slower than usual. Most of the students have gone back home, and the days become repetitive. But it is funny how boredom brings back the past and brings forth dumbasses.

Every summer since I graduated high school, it seems like ex-boyfriends and old hookups suddenly remember my number. Guys who I may not have spoken to in years, they cheated on me, I dumped them (in the harshes way possible), or I thought were dead.

But it is not the fact that they randomly call or text (or send me facebook/myspace messages), it is the fact that they all of a sudden they feel the need to confess their love for me or they want to get back together. The worst ones are the guys I knew very little about (never dated or did anything with them) want to suddenly hangout.


That annoys me! Like we NEVER hungout before and now you want to all of a sudden when the town is empty? Give me a break! Just say you want to fuck, it won't happen but I will respect you a little for being honest.

The one thing good that comes from school starting is all the new prey (and old hoes) for these triflin', lying males. That way I can find a guy who wants me for me AND my coochie. LOL!

But seriously.......there is a reason you didn't make it to someone's present and why you never hung out in the past.