Wrong Start

So today was a disappointing day and I won't count this as my starting point for my weightloss journey. But I wanted to share with you my errors....

So I went to bed at 7 this morning! Yes, 7am! I hung out with a old friend and was to lazy to drive home but not in the mood for any of his attempts of hanky panky (lol). So we just chilled and talked until he tried to get me to sleep over then I decided to bounce.

I woke up around 12 something and ate a bowl of Cheerios. Ate it with 2% milk. So the waking up late part wasn't a good start, but I thought eating only one bowl was somewhat of a reprieve. So I got worse as the day progressed:-(

I went to the mall and ate a footlong meatball marinara sub with baked barbeque chips and a medium drink (which nowadays is large). To end the night, I ate an Arby's turkey and swiss sandwich with curly fries and 4 mozz cheese sticks.

I know, I know.
I did everything against doing well on starting my weightloss, but hopefully it will get better. Tomorrow I plan to workout and we will see what happens when I finally weigh myself for the first time in months.

Thanx for checkin' me out, stay tuned;-)