Haul Items

This is my haul from the other day, these are the prices and locations of everything. Click on the link to see my video for all of the items. All of the clothes were bought from Macy's except for one scarf. Some things from the video aren't pictured (due to forgetfulness).
KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo $11.99 from local beauty supply
Knit hat $7.99 local beauty supply
Black Soap Cleanser $2.99
Click link for Haul video

Nail polishes are were all $2. Pure Ice from Walmart and L.A. Colors and Sinful Colors from local beauty supply store (some drugstores sell Sinful Colors).

Mega Glo $3.99 from Walgreens.

Starting from left:
NYX Brush On Gloss (no name) $1.99 from local beauty supply
NYX Brush On Gloss (Frosteed Beige) $1.99 from local beauty supply
NYX Round Lipstick (Thalia) $3.99 from Ulta
NYX Goddess of the Night Lipgloss (Frosteed Walnut) $4.99 from Ulta
NYX Round Lipstick (Tea Rose) $3.99 from Ulta
Prestige Satin Pearl Lipstick (Raven) $4.49 from Ulta (was half off)
Nikka Lipshine (Dawn) $1.99 from local beauty supply
BONNEBELL LipLites (Cappuccino)$2.99 from Walmart
BONNEBELL LipLites (Carmel Latte) $2.99 from Walmart

Starting from the left:
Wild and Crazy Auto Eyeliner (Navy Blue) $1.99 from local beauty supply
MAC Eye Kohl (Fascinating) $14.50 from MAC counter at Macy's
Jordana Easyliner for Eyes (Seagreen) $2.99 from Walgreens
Jordana Easyliner for Eyes (Mint) $2.99 from Walgreens
NYX Lipliner Pencil (Mahogany) $2.99 from Ulta
NYX Lipliner Pencil (Cocoa) $2.99 from Ulta
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil (Baby Blue) $3.99 from Ulta

Jane Duo Eyeshadow (It's A Girl/Eggplant) $3.49 from Ulta
MAC Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow (All That Glitters) $14.50 from MAC counter at Macy's
Prestige Eyeshadow (Verdigris) $3.99 from Ulta

Urban Decay Primer Potion $17 from Ulta
PurMinerals Eye Prep $17 from Ulta

Trend Casual Seperate (original price: $36)$14.40, size:large (up, left)

Lucky Brand (org. price: $49)$29.40, size: XL (below left)

Tommy Hilfiger (org. price: $39.50) $23.70, size:XL (right)

INC Sportswear $39 size: L (gold shirt on right)

Scarf (org. price: $38) $28.50 (left)

Scarf from Charlotte Russe $8.99

RXB Moss shirt (org price: $30) $19.99, size:L (below right)
Plaid Halter $49, size:XL (right)

Tommy Hilfiger Polos (org. price $39.50) $23.70, size:L (lower center)

INC Capris $59, size:14