God, Homosexuality, Rape, and Murder

So I recently received two new comments on a video I have on YouTube. I saw these messages after, I got a loooooooooooong detailed message in my inbox about homosexuality and God allegedly hating gays. Now I respect your opinion as long as you don't insult me and you TRY to be intelligent about it. The message I got was more intelligent than the actual comment one of the users posted. Both comments stated the most ridiculous comparisons. First, they stated that there was no such thing as "bi-curious" or "bi-sexual". Fine, I can understand that, for I know a lot of people don't think there is such a thing. However, they went on to compare homosexuality and bi-curiosity to violent crimes such as murder and rape. What the fuck is wrong with you!?

To compare a victimless act to horrendous crimes is disgusting. As a Christian, I know that homosexuality is considered wrong. However, I have plenty of friends who are homosexual. God tells us to love one another, from what I do know about the Bible it doesn't say "make an exception for gays and hate them."

A sin is a sin, but I don't believe you can evaluate all sins on the same scale. I was watching "Lock Up" the other day, and a man who was on death row had found God along with another who was serving 25 years to life. No offense, sometimes I am a bit skeptical about jailbird preachers, but I do believe it is possible to find God and repent despite your horrible actions. However, these two inmates said the dumbest things. The death row inmate said that God viewed stealing a cracker as the same level of sinning to taking a human life. Like I said, I get that a sin is a sin, but I find it hard to believe that God would evaluate both sins equally.

The second inmate said that the family he murdered did not die in vain, because he found God in prison and was getting his act together. I will let you think on that one, cause I was revolted by that dumb ass statement.

People view life differently as well as Christianity. But some people seem to hide behind religion and using it as their shield to justify their stupidity and inhumane actions.

I believe God is forgiving, but I'm not going to pretend that I know what God will think come my judgment day or what he will do to a homosexual and a serial killer. I wish some people would stop trying to read into God's psyche and just live THEIR life they way they believe is morally right.

What do you think?
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