Movie Review/Response: 2012

So I found myself stuck in an irritating situation a few weeks ago. I needed to do a movie review for my school newspaper, but there was only one new release at the time: 2012.

Now I had seen the previews and wasn't really impressed. It looked like they were ripping off The Day After Tomorrow. Come to find out, Roland Emmerich, directed 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, AND Independence Day!

It is bad to rip off other people's movies, but it is worse when you rip off your own and fail to even maintain the same quality of work.

As you probably know, 2012 is about the world coming to an end. While the concept seemed kind of interesting, the plot line was cliche and at times ridiculous. John Cusack plays an unappreciated author who is divorced from the mother of his two odd children, Amanda Peet. Of course, she is already remarried to another man who is more successful and has a better relationship with the kids than Cusack.

The basis of the story is that the world is starting to fall apart and some random scientist try to inform the White House of this matter. Deja Vu: the predictions for the disaster are way off and the world is soon faced with their lives falling beneath hot lava, large craters, and tidal waves of water. But the government didn't want to send the people into a public by informing them beforehand. Thank you, U.S. government, glad to know my tax dollars are worth something.

While at times I could look past the plot, it was the CGI that caused me the most issues. WHO IN THE FUCK CREATED THOSE DISASTER SCENES!? It looked like some first year graphic design student designed it. After doing 2 disaster movies and have spent around $260 million on this movie, you would think the director would have come out with something better.

Hell.....the robot aliens in the Transformers movies made me believe they were more than those retarded scenes in 2012.

I might be being a little harsh and I could have forgiven the movie for large portions of it, but I could not get over the fact that it was 2 hours and 38 minutes long!

If you really liked The Day After Tomorrow (but with bad CGI), then you will like this movie. I liked that movie too, but if I had to do it again.........I would have just got the bootleg of 2012 (for half the price) and kept most of my Sunday afternoon.

I'm just sayin':-)