April Favorites (non-beauty related)

So each month on YT I do a video about my monthly favorites: beauty related only. So I decided to start posting about my favorites that are not beauty related:-) So here is what I'm lovin' this month!

The 31 year old singer finally released her third album, Beautiful, this month (April 6th) and I was so excited. She is the ONLY artist that I have made the effort to buy all of her albums in their entirety. The album comes out after a five year gap since her second album, Vivian.

I will admit it isn't my favorite of her three albums, but everything she puts out is nothing short of great. My favorites songs from the album are: "Beautiful", "Better Man", "I Know How", and "Too Intense." The album is great, especially if you are in a loving place in life (I'm not, but it would hit the spot if I was lol)

Now I've been on Twitter for awhile now, but recently it has become more interesting. From the people I follow to the news I receive, Twitter has become the new Facebook. I make more of an effort to check my Twitter than my Facebook.

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I'm usually not into the new drinks at Starbucks, I like to stick with what I know. However, one day I had a "what the hell" moment and decided to order it. It is really good! The cherry is very subtle but gives it enough of a kick that it isn't your typical mocha coffee. I have ordered it EVERY time I've been to Starbucks this month.

I've been lovin' this gum! It is a thick piece of gum and that is great for me because I often find myself having to chew two pieces. This gum is thick enough where one piece is good enough. But the best thing about the gum is that the flavor is great and it lasts a looooong time! It is even sugar free for those out there who are caught up on the sugar free train. This is always in my purse!

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