Review: N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Sticks

N.Y.C. released its line of blushable creme sticks and many are comparing them to higher brands (i.e. NARS Multiples and Clinque's Blushwear Cream Stick). I have never used the Clinque cream sticks but as far as the NARS Mutiples, well I see where there is some comparison.

There are six permanent N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Sticks and currently two limited edition ones:

(Picture file was too large, colors listed below in order of swatches and sticks in pictures; click on picture to enlarge image)

Plaza Pink
Big Apple Blush
Berry New Yorker
South St. Seashell
Mauvin' Uptown
Urban Spice

Shock Value Collection (Limited Edition)
Pink Flash
Wild Berry

These blushes all have a bit of shimmer in them (some more than others; Pink Flash, Wild Berry, and South St. Seashell have little to none) and can appear a bit frosty.  However I think they are great blushes/colors for the summer and suitable for all skin towns.  While the lighter shades may make for better highlighters for dark toned faces, each stick is wearable in some way for any skin tone

The N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Sticks may not have the same consistency as a NARS Multiple; however, they do have the same creamy and easily blendable nature.  They staying power of the Blushable Creme Sticks are great but not meant for more than a 12 hour day.  Other than the previously mentioned cons the only other issue I have with the sticks is that some of the colors look very similar, as you may notice from the swatches.  However, the prices are so low ($3.99 to $5.99 appx.) that I don't mind having similar colors.

One more thing about these creme sticks is that they make for great lipsticks as well:-)

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