June Favorites (non-beauty related)

So June has come and gone.  It was a rough mouth to be honest with you, but there were a few things I managed to love this month.

Beauty Favorites:

So the Drake album dropped and too be honest I've yet to listen to it in its entirety.  However, quite a few of my friends claimed they weren't too impressed.  Despite all of that, I do like "Find Your Love" especially when it was song by a YouTuber: HottLikeBroadway.  I usually don't watch videos of singers but I definitely subscribed and doesn't hurt that he is cute too:-)

For some reasons I've been eating a lot of sandwiches this month.......probably cause I've been broke and doing the good ol' fashion lunch bag sandwiches.  However, when I do decide to spend the money there are two places I go: Atlanta Bread Company and Subway.

At ABC, I get the roast beef on sourdough with tomato, mayo, onions, and lettuce.  When I go to Subway, I get the footlong (cause I'm a fatass lol) wheat with turkey, lettuce, American cheese, onions, tomato, oil and balsamic vinaigrette, mayo, and oregano.  Oddly, after years of being disgusted by onions.......suddenly I have been craving them.  

I really appreciated those who reached out to me on YouTube and showed me so much love and support when I was going through some things.  I just want to thank them cause it really meant a lot and was really surprising.

I know I didn't have many favorites this month, but I'm sure I'll have more to post next month:-)

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