Gotta Vent

Hey y'all! So I know I have been MIA and will probably still remain that way for another week thanks to my old roommate being unable to return my calls (long story).

But I wanted to vent a little. I recently started dating someone.  While it is feels so weird for me to call someone a boyfriend again, the idea of me being in a relationship is not lost upon those from my past or friends currently in my life.

While I could go on and on about how weird this transition has been, I wanted to talk about women.  It is amusing to me how a woman can completely disregard and disrespect a man's girlfriend for her own bullshit reason.  I don't understand why you want a man to cheat on his woman with you?  First you would just be second rate and secondly what makes you think that you would be any different that he wouldn't disrespect you?

My guy and I haven't even been together that long and already I have girls bein' a little to ballsy when they address my boyfriend.  I feel like if you aren't going to respect me, respect yourself and fall back.  Cause this is my man and I ain't goin' no where and he don't want your raggedy ass neways........