A Piece of Your Heart

So yesterday I heard my boyfriend say something to his ex that made my heart sink a little.  I know it wasn't his intention to hurt me, but it really had me thinking today.

I believe when you really love someone, you never stop loving them. Even if you have moved on to someone else.  True love never dies, it just takes a new form......well, in my opinion.  When a relationship has ended and you love that person, your love remains.  You want the best for them and wish them no harm.  While I do believe that, it is hard to take my own words of wisdom sometimes.

I know he will always love her.  That is the mother of his child and they were together for a long time.  I myself have loved once before and wish that guy love only the best.  However, it is hard to accept that you are sharing the heart of someone you love with someone from his past (and in this case very much his present).

While I believe you will always have love for someone from the past, the question soon becomes how much.  You begin to wonder how much room is left for you and how much of his heart she still possesses.

Love is not easy, I know this better than anyone, but the beginning shouldn't be so complicated.  There are things I have learned to accept in life when it comes to relationships: children, shady pasts, crazy ex girlfriends, liars and cheaters.  Ironically enough, this feels like deja vu. I think what makes this more painful is because this is the second time this has happened.  Ugh..........hopefully I won't be saying 3rd times a charm this time next year:-(

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