No New Years Resolution Weightloss: Day 1

So I know I stated that yesterday (Friday, since I am posting this at midnight on Saturday) was supposed to be my weight loss kick off. Yea well, it didn't happen to say the least. BUT.......I did start today! YAY!

Today marks the beginning of what I will be calling No New Years Resolution Weightloss. Reason behind this is A.) New Year's resolutions are bullshit, what is so significant about January first other than it is a new year, why do you think the first of the year makes a difference, and why do you postpone something until that one date? B.) I want to be cute BY New Year's not waiting to get cute after.

Now I don't want you to get the wrong idea about this.  While I want to lose weight and inspire others, trust that I am human and seriously flawed.  Plus I am seriously working a young 22 year old's budget.  I want to blog about my weightloss journey from a realistic prospective: no crazy budget for diet/health foods, no killing myself to find 3 hours to work out, and no bullshitting myself and you.

I took a picture that I will post on the half way mark (maybe day 30) that will show you how far I've come or how much further I need to go.  It is embarrassing, but it's real.

As a black woman it is funny how you seem to be caught in the middle of what beautiful is.  When I was a freshman in high school I had this white teacher tell the class that the reason black men like the way black women were built was because they had grown used to it..............LIKE IT WAS A BAD THING!

I looked around the class in shock at the only 2 other black students in the class and the 20 other white females in the room (it was a home economics class *eye roll*) and then back at my teacher.  She was a small woman, no curves, no nothing.  I thought to myself, "Bitch, just because your husband has some secret fantasy of being with a little boy (cause she was built like one), doesn't mean that is what all men want."

My boyfriend is supportive. He has accepted me the way I am (which is good and bad) and when I complain about gaining weight, he would tell me to go work out or shut that shit up.

So why am I doing this? For many reasons.....

1. To fit back into the clothes I already have.
2. For my health, to many medical issues in my family
3. For my boyfriend. Not because he doesn't like me the way I am, but because I gotta take care of me first before I can be completely together for him.

Day One:
I didn't eat much today I will admit. I ate a bag of Emerald's Breakfast To Go trail mix, A Stouffers Lasagna, and a bowl of Kellogg's Special K with the strawberries.  I only drank water today and I started HydxroxyCut Max Advanced for Women (which I will be doing a blog post on soon).

I had a baby work out, I just walked on the tread meal for a little over 50 minutes on incline: 2.28 miles and burned 218 calories.

A little scattered brained, I know, but I will get better with the post.  Until the next one.....