Tomorrow is a New Day

So my boyfriend left to go to basic at the end of October.  I told myself that he would come back to a slimmer girlfriend.  Well..........let's just say, at this rate he will come back to a fatter one.

Between work and pure laziness, I just haven't been doing what I need to do to get down in size.  My weight has ballooned to a all time high (200+) and diabetes runs in my family.  So after looking through random magazines and Facebook pictures, hell even through my closet of clothes I can no longer wear, I realized it is time to stop bullshitting.  It is time to really crack down.  

Now I ain't going to bs y'all and say that I am going to be eating uber healthy and working out everyday. Cause first off, baby steps, secondly I gotta milk my hours at work just to be behind financially and eating healthy ain't cheap.  So I am going to start of my journey tomorrow (tonight was my last overindulgence night).  I have a new pill I am going to try and I will updating my blog more regularly and let you know how it goes.  Until tomorrow.........