Another Weight Loss Journey

Okay, Okay. I know, I know.  So I keep saying that I am going to do all this work to lose weight, keep an up to date blog on my every day activities, exercise, eat better, etc.   However it wasn't the new year or some bullshit resolution that is making me want to change this time.  It was my boyfriend...

Now don't get the wrong idea, I am not trying to change for him necessarily.  He came home for the holidays (he is away at basic til the end of the month) and long story short, it wasn't the highlight of our relationship.  But it made me think about how I have been living my life, especially how I've spent the last few years.  At 23, I feel like I have fallen short in almost every aspect of my life and after all the craziness with my boyfriend, I realize how much I have to do to get my life back together.  As much as I hope it it never happens, my relationship may not last forever but my failures will if I don't do something about them.  I can't lean on my relationship hoping to shield myself from my mistakes.

With all that in mind, tomorrow starts another try.  An attempt resurrect myself from all the fat, tears, and drama.  But I'm human so I have to start correcting one thing at a time (baby steps).  Tomorrow I will start the Quick Trim Cleanse and Burn.  After many attempts with various weight loss pills and half ass work out plans and poor eating.........I am going to go a little extreme.  I have made a plan for eating for the next two weeks, which I will TRY and post daily.  So wish me luck and stay tune:-)