On My Nails: OPI Black Shatter and Orly Gorgeous

It's funny, at one point in my life I used to HATE painting my nails, but now I can't get enough nail polish!  When the OPI Black Shatter came out, I knew I had to have it.  While I like painting my nails, I haven't quite advanced to the concept of doing nail art and probably never will (too much work).  But Black Shatter gives me that artistic look with little effort.

Underneath Black Shatter is Orly Gorgeous.  It is surprisingly sheer and even with 2 coats it is still relatively sheer. The color is a fuchsia pink with a light purple sheen.  Something about it reminds me of a highlighter color.  While Gorgeous really is a gorgeous color, I have never really been impressed with Orly nail polishes.  They have such a beautiful color selection, it is a shame that they don't last longer.  If you can notice in the pix, the ends are already faded away and I've had this polish on for less than 24 hours.  I have Sinful Colors Professional Base Coat on, but I guess that is not enough.  Not a big fan of top coats, just because it just adds to my drying time.  If you want to try Orly, I strongly recommend a great base coat AND top coat!