On My Nails: OPI Black Shatter and Pure Ice Excuse Me

Recently, I have found myself reaching for some nail polish brands more than others.  But I decided to reach for something different this week.  I have collected my fair share of Pure Ice nail polishes, but lately I have not showed them any love. So I decided to reach for them and I'm glad I did. I forgot what great nail polishes they are and how long they last!

The best part about Pure Ice other than their staying power is their price.  They retail for about $2 at Walmart and you get the same amount of product as any more expensive brand (i.e. OPI or Zoya). 

So I decided to paint my nails with this pretty yellow, Excuse Me, and top off a few fingers with Black Shatter.  I laughed because I thought I was being cute by painting it my boyfriend's high school colors (his family is die hard Wildcat fans), but he told me that he was sick of them days.  LOL! Oh well, fail on my part:-)