EMPTIES: Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally ran out of my Tui Hair Oil and I will admit that I was a little sad to reach the end.  Mainly because of the cost and my inability to easily access it for another purchase.  However, I love Carol's Daughter's products and this one did not disappoint.

Carol's Daughter products are known to be "natural" products.  I think a misconception is that they are only for women of color and that they only supply hair products.  While the company was founded by a black woman and most of it's spokeswomen are black as well, Carol's Daughter products are for all.  I have ran into several people of other ethinicities that have told me that they have tried and liked Carol's Daughter products.

With all of that aside, what can I say about Tui Hair Oil?

According to the site:

"Double Duty" Daily Shine and Hot Oil Treatment. Ideal for Dry, Damaged Hair.
We love this because it:

  • Adds shine, moisture and softness

  • Soothes your dry scalp and hair

  • Is infused with Lavender, Rose, Marigold and Larkspur Flowers

  • Has a fragrant cocktail of Guava, Mango and Passion Fruit Scent

  • PLUS, it has NO Parabens, Mineral Oil or artifical color

    I will talk about mineral oil, parabens, and petroleum (something else not in Tui Hair Oil) at a later date. But for $18.50 for a bottle of hair oil, I'm sure you want to know what is so significant about the actual ingredients contained in this product.

    Tui Hair Oil contains Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Fragrance (Parfum), Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract.

    Zea Mays Oil: is basically a conditioning agent for hair.  It functions like many other oils to give you a soft, silky finish to your hair.
    Marigold Flower: is a great moisturizer for dry, damaged, or sensitive skin (scalp)
    Chamomilla Recutita: is used for soothing, inflamed or sensitive skin as well as a hair conditioner.

    I will be honest, with the last two ingredients I don't know if they were intended for that purpose or just for the fragrance. However, they could serve both purposes.

    Now, $18.50 can sound like a lot of money for a 8oz bottle of oil.  They do sell a 2oz bottle for $8.50 as well.  For me, the price  is something I was willing to swallow because I often find myself getting suckered into hair products that I later find have damaging hair ingredients in them or are watered down.  Something that is not the case with this hair oil.

    In addition, this bottle lasted me awhile.  I used it mostly for hot oil treatments, which you can check out my post on that.  But you can use it for everyday use or even a body oil.  There is a slight perfume smell, but nothing overwhelming.  Another thing to keep in mind is that if you become a member of the Carol's Daughter website, you get 10% off every purchase.

    Overall, the product was good and did it's job.  But the ultimate question is would I repurchase it? And I would have to say..........


    I love this hair oil and the fact that I can use it for multiple things is an incentive.  The price is a bit steep, but at least it is not a watered down product nor does it contain a bunch of artificial ingredients.  Some bottles do still come with the flower on the bottom, but I have found that since they did not serve a purpose other than for appearance that newer bottles don't have the flower (mine didn't).

    Carol's Daughter products are available at Carol's Daughter's website, Sephora (store also), and Macy's (store also)