Forever 21 Jewelry Haul (5/30/11)

I went to the mall with my sister the other day and of course she wanted to hit up Forever 21.  Now, I'm not exactly a huge fan of the store.  Don't get me wrong, they have some cute things, but I'm not exactly a size small.  Hell, I'm not even a medium.

Needless to say, I don't shop there often.  However, with my makeup rehabilitation in affect (more like my mom wiping out half of my "stash"), i decided to focus my energy on other things.  Anyways, I wandered into the accessories section and picked up a few things.  Got it all under $14.  I am really loving the bow rings, which I see Kandee Johnson wear all the time.  They are so cute:-)
 Earrings $2.80
 Rings $1.50 (each)
 Ring on the far left was $1.50 and the other two were $2.80
Grand Total: $13.67