Review: Stila Custom Color Blush

So back in January, I saw this blush on the Sephora website and I got excited. I know, I know. Excited over makeup? YES! LOL!

Now, the blush came out at a time when I was trying to pull the reigns on my spending habit with makeup.  But this blush just called for me.  I had been dying to try NARS' Desire and Angelika blush, so the bright pink of this Stila blush sucked me in.  Plus, the self-adjusting concept intrigued me.

When it comes to gimmicky concepts with makeup, I know that some people look down on those items.  However, after success with a few of them, I figured there was no harm in trying another.  Especially since it was a simple idea and possessed a quality I loved in another item: my Dior Lip Glow.

The color is a fuchsia pink with what looks to be a blue undertone.  It is supposed to self adjust to your skin town to give you a flattering color that compliments you.  When I wear it, it gives me a deeper pink color. 

Overall, I love this blush.  It is pigmented and blendable, 2 things you can't always find in a blush for darker skin tones.

It is available at Sephora and Macy's (cheaper at Macy's but higher shipping online if you spend less than $50).

Light Application
Heavier Application

My Mother's Hand
My Hand, Light Swatch
Heavier Swatch
After Adjusting And Before Blending