Master Cleanse: Day 1

I am so hungry. I am so hungry. I am so hungry.

That is all I can think about as I begin typing my day one experience with the Master Cleanse.  Cayenne pepper tingles the back of my throat and thoughts of how good a fat cheeseburger would taste right about now floods my brain.  Unfortunately, only thing I can look forward to tasting are the glasses of regular water I am allowed outside of the cleanse concoction.  I look at my second dosage for the day and try to remember what I am doing this for, but it’s so hard when you flip through the channels and there is a ton of restaurant ads.

Nine more days. Nine more days. NINE MORE FREAKIN’ DAYS!

I woke up this morning and did the salt water cleanse.  Last night, I went out and bought coarse grained sea salt.  Another expense, I wasn’t thrilled about adding.  However, I did the rinse this morning and had a different experience than when I attempted to do it yesterday.

As sad (and maybe disgusting) this may sound, the salt water rinse is the best part for me.  Well, until I am done.  I have never been much of a sweet tooth girl.  Usually, salty things are my weakness.  So compared with the hot/sweet taste of the Master Cleanse, the salt rinse is somewhat welcomed by my taste buds.  

Now, when I did the rinse yesterday, it was with iodized salt.  According to websites, that is a no-no.  So today, I used the sea salt.  When I used the iodized salt yesterday, it made me have to go to the bathroom once.  I asked one of my coworkers about the salt (she is the one that gave me the push to try it), she asked if “it” was loose or solid.  Needless to say, the conversation made me uncomfortable. Not because I wasn’t able to tell her but because the office was really quiet and I really didn’t want any MORE funny looks.  But if you want to know, it was both.
When I did the rinse today, I had to go the bathroom quite a few times, twice before I could even finish the glass.  I felt like the rinse cleared me out better and quicker than any cleansing pill I had taken. It wasn’t a freeing feeling or anything, but it was a surprise.  The effects of the rinse made me rethink about doing the cleanse for 10 days.  While, the rinse is the easy part, it isn’t the easiest thing to deal with when you are planning on seeing your boyfriend for the first time in weeks for the weekend…..

If you catch my drift :-)

Moving on to the Master Cleanse.  I did better with the mixture today than yesterday, but the stuff still tastes nasty.  The concoction reminds me of something I threw up after a drunken night.  According to the Detox site, you should drink it about 6 to 12 times a day.  But I couldn’t do it.  All I could manage was 2.  I couldn’t really distinguish if I was hungry or just craving real food.  However, it didn’t help when my boyfriend was calling telling me he was hungry. I’ll give him credit though, he has been supportive but I know I’m going to be crazy by the end of this.

Motivation is key…………hopefully I will have more of it tomorrow.