The Randomness of My Life (6/27/11)

It is 12:30 at night and I am sitting here thinking about what to post.  I have typed the start of 3 different posts and don't know how to continue with them.  The delete and backspace button have received a lot of action in the last 20 minutes.  At 12:30 on a Monday night, the only thing you can do is reflect.

In the last two weeks, I have been on a roller coaster wondering when the hell I can get off.  It isn't as if I have true heart-aching misery or as though I've hit the bottom, but a girl has the right to be disappointed in her current timeline. I am 23 years old and at times I feel like I am 40.

Today I woke up, way later than I wanted to.  I check my phone to see if my boyfriend has sent me a text, I am disappointed to find a bunch of tweets from his user name, but no text messages.  When I finally drag myself out of bed, I go downstairs to find that there is no real food in the house.  My mother has been gone for two weeks didn't leave anything behind and my dad comes and goes like I'm merely a plant that he sometimes remembers to water.  To top it off, I am broke. So I eat some diet bar my parents have stashed in pantry and a trail mix bar.  What a great breakfast/lunch!

In the few hours I have before work, I call Verizon to find out why my bill has been screwed up for so long.  All I can say is that I can't wait for my contract to be up.  I attempt to clean the house before my mom finally returns to town and then I am off to work.

Last week, I was told that I may or may not be laid off in the next week.  Now, the reason I moved home was to help dig myself out of a hole that I only made bigger for myself after college.  But unemployment is only going to make that hole that much bigger.  My hours have been cut and I am just mentally trying to drag myself through the day.  To aid in my stress, my old roommate sends me a text this morning asking when I plan to move my stuff out of her apartment.  Stress just punched me in the chest now just thinking about it.  I respect her wishes but timing is just not on my side right now. So now I have get that worked out in the next week.

The only comic relief I have today is from this one particular customer I have who I spoke to last week.  Unfortunately for her and now for me, the company I work for can't help her because we have nothing to do with her issues but she insists on dragging me along for a ride on her crazy bus.  I spend over an hour dealing with this woman and another company.  Though, she wasn't amused by the situation, I got a kick out of this woman making a fool out of herself on the phone. I had to put it on speaker for the office to hear.

The rest of my shift went over fine. I love the people I work with because they are real.  However, I wasn't too thrilled by the fact that one guy I worked with asked me about my attempts at weight loss.  Asking me about my diet and stuff.  Given the fact that I outweigh this guy by about 40 lbs and he is basically a self proclaimed manorexic (a man obsessed with weight), I wasn't trying to hear anything he had to say.

I stayed at work an hour and a half after my shift was over because A) I needed the money B) I didn't want to come home.  Being home at 23 is already bad enough.  Dealing with family issues you have tried to avoid for the last 5 years is not helping.  My aunt is in town for a couple of days, which is nice because she is a trip and I love her for it.

My boyfriend just texted me goodnight.  After such a funky day, something like that means more than it usually would.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a new post:-)