40 Pound Countdown: Fit Day Tracker

So a couple of weeks ago, I found out I am considered "obese" for my height.  Something about that word, as opposed to just being called fat, makes you feel worse about yourself as a person.  So between that and a few recent events, I have decided to really do something about this.  Now I know, I have talked about weight loss on and off for a while. But this time I mean business and I wanted to share my successes and failures as I try to lose almost 40 pounds to get within my "healthy" weight range.

In the week and a half that I have been on this weightloss journey, I have being using a website to help me.  It is called Fit Day. The concept is simple.  Bascially you track everything from what you eat, your weight, and your daily activities. 
I will be honest, some days it feels like a lot of work to enter in everything I ate.  However, what I love about the site is that it gives you perspective on how you are living your life.  Even if you are not a big calorie counter, it gives you insight for how much you are putting in your body and whether not you are doing enough to lose weight.

I suggest checking it out and they also have an iPod Touch/Phone app.  I used to have it before my iTouch got destroyed.  It's free and it's easier way to keep your tracker up to date.

Since the beginning of my 40 pound countdown I have gone from 203 to 196.8.  So hopefully I will keep making progress:-)