On My Nails: Orly Fantasea

I've never been impressed with the formula of Orly.  While I think they have some great colors, I never fell like I get a decent amount of wear out of the polish.  Fantasea was no exception.

This color is beautiful in the bottle. A sort purple, pink iridescent color.  It isn't the most opaque polish but with 2 or 3 coats, you will get the true color.  While the color is pretty, I feel like in certain lights it looks better like in sunlight (or pictures).  Also, this polish wasn't the fastest drying formula either.

But with all of that aside, I hated that it didn't last long.  As you will see in the pictures, the tips of my nails were already fading and it had only been a day.  Fantasea is pretty and with Sally's always having sales on Orly nail polishes it isn't the worst nail polish investment, but I just wish it would last just a little longer.