On My Nails: Essie Adore-A-Ball

White nail polish is always tricky for me.  Either it comes out too sheer or it can look like I painted my nails with white out.  Unfortunately, this nail polish didn't help improve my experiences with white nail polish.  It took me about 4+ coats to get the look for the pictures (sorry about how bad it looks, I painted them quickly).  After I took the pictures, I realized that there is a bit of a pink undertone.  Initially, I thought it was just the skin under my nails, but after taking another look at the bottle, I realized that Adore-A-Ball is not as white as I once thought. 

If you are looking for a very subtle, "my nails but better" kind of color, this may work for you.  However, I like my nail polishes to be very opaque and to get the color in 2 coats or less.  So Adore-A-Ball will probably find it's way at the bottom of my nail polish draw.