October 2011 Favorites (non-beauty related)

So October has been a crazy month.  I got married this month and have started my countdown to my move to Kentucky.  While I await the day until I can move in with my husband, I thought I would start doing my monthly favorites again (beauty and non-beauty related).

This is what I loved this month:

My Husband
I won't get all sappy on you all, but of course he is my favorite (every month).  Every time we talk, I am reminded of how lucky I am that he found me, especially at a time when I was so lost.

I haven't really watched network television in years.  Most of the shows I watch are reality shows or the movie channel.  So I decided to invest my interest in a new show.  Suburgatory is about a family, father and daughter, who relocate from the city to the suburbs.  It probably wouldn't be a show I would love if I didn't grow up in the suburbs, because the humor is a bit dry and slow at times.  However, I can appreciate the exggageration of suburban people, since some are not that much of an exaggeration.

Jojo's "Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)"
I found this song on a friend's Facebook page and I have had it on constant repeat.  While I clearly am not in that place now, it is something that I can't help but sing to while I drive to work.  I always thought Jojo had a good voice, but I had kind of forgotten about her recently.  It is interesting seeing her all grown up.

Frank Ocean "Novacane"
Akeem sent me a text informing me that this was my new ringtone. Needless to say, it too has made its fair share of replays.

Starbuck's Venti Cafe Mocha
A mix of chocolate and coffee is a great way to start the day of my crappy work day.  While some baristas don't make it quite right, my local Starbucks has been doing fairly well lately.  With the weather changing, it is nice to drink it warm as opposed to the iced version i drank all summer.  Sad part is that I always have to get venti to get any sort of affect and sometimes I need an extra shot (total of 4).  Oh well, more love:-)

Turkey Spinach Wrap
Trying to break away from the usual fast food lunch break, I go to Publix deli and get a turkey spinach wrap.  While I have know science behind it, I have convinced myself that it is good for me.  Honestly the spinach wrap that I get doesn't taste much like spinach, but once again I'm convinced that their is something redeeming about it because it has spinach in it.

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