YAY or NAY: Black Wedding Bands

So if you hadn't noticed, Akeem and I got married on October 19th.  Due to the fact that planning was an issue the entire time leading up to the final date, I didn't receive my rings until the day of the wedding.  Also, I let Akeem pick out his wedding band.

Now, I knew Akeem wanted a black wedding band and I was against it from the start.  However, I had agreed on a black one with silver on it, despite the fact that I prefered a brushed silver or regular silver band.  To me, the black band looks like something other than a wedding band.  I feel like he needs something that screams "shackled for life" or "bitch fall back, I'm married." 

Unfortunately, I've come to realize that some women don't care what color a man's ring is and will still attempt to wiggle it off his finger for their own benefit.  While, I don't mind the ring, I just want something more obvious.  Luckily, I have an awesome husband (it still feels weird calling him that) and he will be getting it exchanged next week.

So what do you think of black wedding bands?  Is it too modern or am I just too traditional?

UPDATE (10/29/11):
I decided to let him stick with the black band:-)

UPDATE (12/22/2011):
On November 9th, Akeem actually took it upon himself to change his band.