Tuesday, October 18, 2011

YAY OR NAY: Target Lingerie

To call myself sexy would be like making a joke.  Yea, I like makeup and occasionally care about the hair products that go in my hair. Hell, I may even hit the gym every once in a while.  But to say I put true effort into being sexy would be a flat out lie.

So today, I went Target with my mom to find some random items.  Since I am going up to Kentucky to see Akeem I took a glimpse in the scattered aisle of the lingerie section.  Amusingly enough, my mom came over to me and told me that I should probably get something.  She said we have to be real, I am about to be married soon and the stuff I go to bed in isn't cute.  AWWWWW THANKS MOM!

So I saw a few things and figured why not give it a try, you know since I am on a major budget and Victoria's Secret is going to remain a mystery to me for a few more paychecks.  Once again, I was reminded that my 36D bra size (may be bigger now) does not do well with "cheap" bras.

As I tried bra after bra on, I realized that being sexy is going to require a bit of an investment on my end because these cheap bras were making me look anything but sexy. 

But what do you think?  Would you buy lingerie from Target?

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