40 Pound Countdown: Take Two

Weight loss seems to be the most predictable New Year's resolution one can up with come January.  However, my desire to lose weight started back in May and after a few months of laziness and a scary reality, weight loss for me is more than some New Year's resolution.

Last May, I moved back in with my parents weighing in at about 203 pounds.  Seeing a 2 at the front of my weight was devastating and embarrassing.  I could hear my inner voice mocking me by reminding me how I always said I would never "get that big."  While my weight is not as noticeable to some people due to my height, it is something that plagues me every day.

By September, I had managed to get to about 186 before my car accident.  While I was going to the gym, my eating habits were nothing to brag about; therefore, I refrained from blogging about my weight loss.  After my accident and a few other events, I stopped working out.  But it wasn't until I moved up to Kentucky that I could feel the weight creeping back on me.

Between that comfort weight you hear so many women gain after getting married and a complete lifestyle change, I soon ballooned back up to 201 pounds.  I am extremely unhappy with my weight.  I hate how I look in my clothes and feel like I am unattractive.  While my husband tells me I'm beautiful without being prompted every day, my insecurity about my weight definitely takes a toll on our relationship, which is a hard thing to swallow sometimes when we've only been married 3 months.

Despite the external effects of my weight, it is the internal that has truly given me a slap in the face, wake up call.  While sitting downstairs after eating dinner, I started having chest pains.  It felt like someone was stabbing me in the heart. Akeem quickly responded by asking if my arm was going numb, but it wasn't a heart attack.  I was having heartburn.While you hear about heart burn all the time, like it is something so minor like gas, for me it was kind of scary.

When we finally got the pain to pass, Akeem told me I needed to start working out again and we needed to work on our diet.  But I knew that already, the moment I started feeling the pain.  Unfortunately, that hasn't been the only time that has happened since the new year, but they just haven't been as severe.

High blood pressure and diabetes runs in my family, I didn't want to be the next one on the list.  So this is my do over, my attempt to lose 40 pounds (because for my height i about about 40 pounds overweight).  So once again, I will be posting about my weight loss.  This time I feel like I have more to lose.  In less than a year, we want to try for a baby.  I don't want to add more weight to the size I'm at and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy motherhood after my pregnancy.

So follow me (again) to my journey to lose 40 pounds:-)