On My Nails: OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It!

While at Kroger's, I noticed a display of OPI nail polishes on the makeup aisle.  I was a little surprised, but decided to take a quick look through the display.  The first thing I noticed, was that there was a Miss Universe collection (launched June 2011).  There were several colors I wanted to pick up, but in my attempt to be good I put them back. 

However, there was one I found myself unable to put back.  Swimsuit...Nailed It! reminded me a lot of another nail polish I owned, Absolutely Alice, from the Alice in Wonderland collection in 2010.  It may seem strange that I bought a polish similar to one I already have, but I assumed like my Mad as a Hatter polish that Absolutely Alice was also dried out.

Absolutely Alice is a blue and silver shimmer. Swimsuit...Nailed It! is an electric blue shimmer and while mine did not dry matte, it didn't necessarily dry with the same shine as a creme polish.  I love this color, but I'm sure it isn't the easiest to find (according to a few blogs).  Therefore, I definitely recommend searching online.

One more thing, I would highly recommend using a base coat with Swimsuit...Nailed It! because it will stain your nails pretty badly.

After a lot of scrubbing with nail polish remover, it looked worse when I initially took of the polish.

 Swimsuit...Nailed It! (left) and Absolutely Alice (right)
 Swimsuit...Nailed It! (left) and Absolutely Alice (right)