On My Nails: Nails Inc. Teal Black Kensington and The Wyndham OverglazeTop Coat

I saw this set from the Wyndham Collection online and immediately fell in love. When I went to Sephora a week later, I had to pick it up.  The Wyndham Overglaze goes with the mylar trend and the Teal Black Kensington is a beautiful color. 

The Teal Black Kensington is pretty self explanatory: a deep teal leaning towards black.  The set is available at Sephora for $20.
 One coat ((just the Teal Black Kensington)

 Two coats (just the Teal Black Kensington)

 With Wyndham Overglaze Top Coat (with flash)

  With Wyndham Overglaze Top Coat (without flash)