7 Days of Sex (Pregnancy Edition): Day 2


So day two may be day one.

About an hour after I posted last night, my husband was knocked out in bed.  It was slightly discouraging, but after reading a few articles about the "7 Day Sex Challenge," I feel more determined than ever to actually go through with this "challenge."

When I was going through the misery of my first trimester (throwing up everyday and just feeling miserable), I waited for the moment when the crazy sex hormones of pregnancy would kick in.  Because in every movie I have ever seen with a pregnant woman, she was always uncontrollably horny. I thought raging hormones would help me overcome my insecurity.

Yea, of course I was wrong again.

Once I got over my sickness, well the daily edition of it, my libido didn't take a crazy spike. I wanted sex but it wasn't enough to make me to do anything about it with my husband.  One of my fellow YouTubers, who recently had a baby, made me feel a little better by telling me that not every woman goes through that horny phase.

Today, I reminded my husband that in order to have sex for seven days straight, we actually had to HAVE SEX!

I am zero for one right now, but hopefully tonight will be a better night.  *crosses fingers*