First Impression of Archie's Girls Collection

After years of loving Archie comic books and my recent years of loving makeup, I was excited that M.A.C. and Archie comics collaborated on a collection.
The Archie's Girls collection focuses on Betty and Veronica and their different personalities.  Betty's items are softer colors and in my opinion not as women of color friendly. But they do look like great colors for the spring and summer.  Veronica's items, which drew my attention more, are darker and great for winter and fall.
M.A.C. released the collection online January 30th, but it will be available at M.A.C. counters and their online counterparts tomorrow, February 7th. The collection features eyeshadow palettes, pigments, blushes, beauty powders, mascaras, and several other items.  But in my opinion the lipsticks take the shine in this collection.
So without further delay, this is what I picked up from the collection and my first impression of them.

 Brush Kit $49.50
(266 Small Angle, 226 Small Tapered Blending, 242 Shader, 168 Large Angled Contour and 167 Face Blender)
I honestly bought this kit because of the tin can. While it is nice to have some small brushes to travel with, I won't say these seem like the best brushes I've ever laid my hands on, but I have yet to use them in an application.  But in my nerdy love for Archie, I think they are worth the (ridiculous) price:-)

Veronica Powder Blush in "Prom Princess" $22
The M.A.C. site describes this blush as a "mid-tone pink berry." When I placed the order for this blush, I was hoping it was going to be more violet than pink, but I still love the color.  It is a satin and pretty pigmented.  I would suggest using a light hand when applying.
 Past Curfew (left) and Comic Cute (both are creams) $17.50
M.A.C. seems to have a history of hit or miss nail lacquer formulas, which I never understand how that happens.  The formulas on these are a bit of a miss.  Comic Cute was really "gloopy" and streaky and Past Curfew was streaky as well.  The only redeeming quality for either one is that they both dry relatively quick.  The Past Curfew took 2 coats to get a decent look, while Comic Cute took 3 and may have even needed 4.  If I had known neither one of the polishes would not have the characters on them, I wouldn't have bought either one because the colors aren't that unique.

 From Left to right: Boyfriend Stealer (cremesheen), Daddy's Little Girl (satin), Ronnie Red (matte), and Oh, Oh, Oh (lustre) $16.50
What can I say? I bought these lipsticks for the packaging because honestly other than maybe Boyfriend Stealer, the rest could be easily duped or M.A.C has a similar color in their permanent line. Oh, Oh, Oh is actually my favorite because it seems like the best for everyday looks.

Mall Madness $16.50
I had originally planned to get all three of the lipglasses but determined Mall Madness was the only one I would actually wear.  It is a pinky violet and the perfect amount of color if you just want a hint for your look.
 Comic Cute
Past Curfew

 Mall Madness

 Oh, Oh, Oh
 Daddy's Little Girl

 Ronnie Red

 Boyfriend Stealer (with flash)
 Boyfriend Stealer (without flash)
 Prom Princess (heavy application)
 Prom Princess (light application)
 Prom Princess (heavy application)
 (with flash, left to right) Mall Madness, Boyfriend Stealer, Ronnie Red, Daddy's Little Girl, Oh Oh Oh, Prom Princess
  (without flash, left to right) Mall Madness, Boyfriend Stealer, Ronnie Red, Daddy's Little Girl, Oh Oh Oh, Prom Princess

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my purchase though I have some regrets about the polishes. I suggest that if you plan on getting any of the lipsticks, that you jump on them quickly because they have sold out quickly online. For me the collection is good but it was more of a nostalgic thing.