Two Month Weightloss Countdown: Day 29-32 No More "Fuck It" Days

Trying to lose weight when you are so far from your goal is a continuous roller coaster of emotions.  Some days I feel like I am really making progress and days like day 29..........well I definitely feel like a loser and not in the good way.

I've always been a self destructive person from emotional eating, drinking and spending.  When I needed relief I did what I could to soothe my pain.  Now that I am a married, stay at home mother of a 6 month old, my self destruction is limited to food. 

Since the start of my two month countdown, I have had cheat days or "fuck it" days where I eat bad once and just let the rest of my day go to pot.  This weekend was one of those days.  It was a bumpy weekend, so of course I ate despite working out.

But when I stepped on the scale Sunday, I decided that I need to kill it with these "fuck it" days because all of my work goes to waste in a matter of a couple of meals.  Temporary satisfaction for longer term setbacks.

So Monday (day 32), I decided I was going to restart my efforts. Because in a month from today I plan to be in Atlanta visiting friends and family and it would be nice to get to my short term goal of 190 by then.  While I was 206 on Sunday, I weighed in at 203.6 this morning.  

I had to ask my husband for help and I have been fortunate that he is supportive.  I have no self control, he stopped me from eating fried chicken just yesterday and has been on board with my healthier dinner choices. 
 I was taking Xenadrine, a weight loss pill, but decided to take something else.  I am taking fish oil and a new weight loss pill.  I've also been trying to make better food choices.  

While I haven't started yet, I decided that I needed to try some other workout options than just the gym.  Maybe even working out twice a day.  But I am still going to the gym with cardio being my main focus but definitely doing weights as well.

Going to the gym tonight and plan to get it in.  I feel more determined than ever to lose the weight.  If you need some motivation feel free to add me on My Fitness Pal. Also check out my Instagram.