Wednesday Wishes 6/12/13 (A Day Late)

Sorry that I haven't been posting for the past week.  I'm still trying to balance being a good mom, a good wife, and to find time for myself. I've yet to really get it together.

On that note, this is my short list of wishes for Wednesday:

I've always wanted a treadmill of any kind.  When my parents got a treadmill in their house, I used it every day that summer.  My main reason for wanting one is because it won't give me an excuse not to work out. I know, I know.....I could always get one of those workout tapes. But there is just something about being on a treadmill.  Plus, it is kind of therapeutic and I really hate the outdoors.  This is the treadmill they have at my gym and I like that you can also hook your music up to the machine.  There are other things I like about it but this isn't a review for a treadmill.

Ariel Storylook Palette Volume 3

I first saw this palette on Instagram (like so many things recently) and fell in love.  The main reason this makes my wish list is the price.  It is $55 and with eyeshadows pouring out of my office, I just can't justify the cost to my husband.  While the colors are beautiful and quite a few of them would be unique to my collection, it is the Little Mermaid packaging that I love.  Ariel is my favorite Disney movie character of all time and as a kid I had an imaginary friend named Eric that I had a crush on....don't judge me lol.  What makes it all the more painful is that this palette is a limited edition and won't be around for long:-(

Real Technique Brushes

I've seen these brushes everywhere there are beauty bloggers. The reviews have been good and the prices are affordable.  But unfortunately, I don't live anywhere they are sold.  Since I have to have them shipped and don't feel like investing the effort in hiding the package, these will remain on my wish list for a bit longer.