Two Month Countdown: The End Result

While it has been a couple of weeks since the end of my Two Month Countdown and I wanted to finally share the outcome.

Unfortunately, I didn't make my short term goal of 190 but I was thrilled to finally break under 200 pounds.  I have recently been given a new incentive to lose weight by my father.  Though, I don't want to share what it is yet, it is a huge motivation for me to step my game up.

The ultimate goal is 150, which is a little lower than my original goal of 158. But that is the bar that was set by my dad.  There is no time limit, though the holidays are looking like the best time to set as a deadline.

So now, I will be posting about what I am trying new and what isn't doing me any good to reach my goal.  I feel really motivated, especially by all the fitness accounts I started following on Instagram.

I don't plan to post about my daily eating habits on here, but they will still be on My Fitness Pal account.
Since I didn't reach my first short term goal, I am now making 190 my goal for the end of this month. Right now I am floating around 196 to 198.   

December 15th, I will be 26 and I am ready to enter a new year of my life not being miserable about my weight:-)