The Deployment Weightloss: Day 7 (First Week of Cleanse)

Yesterday, I completed the first week of my cleanse (I will post a review once I have completed the 15 days).  My results are simply from my food and drink choices and the cleanse. Unfortunately, working out has not been an option lately.

I got on the scale yesterday and was thrilled to see it say 192.2! That is progress!  Now, I weighed myself this morning and was at 190 but decided not to count/record it because it may have been a fluke and didn't want to double check.

With the exception of half of a soda that I drank yesterday (I needed to counteract the drowsiness from some drugs), I have only drank water this week.  It hasn't been easy with my son sucking down his juice in front of me, but I have managed to stay strong.

You can see what I ate throughout the week on My Fitness Pal.  Unfortunately, I lost my Fitbit Force on Monday.  I was highly upset, but that is how life goes especially this past week.

I missed work all last week due to Elliott still being sick.  Of course, Elliott has never been sick and once Akeem deploys he has been nothing but a head cold.  A head cold that he was so kind to pass on to me.  But I will admit that it is my fault. Got too cocky about my immune system and was letting him kiss me on the mouth.

In fact, Elliott infected my mother as well while we were in Georgia the week before.  Went to the doctor today and found out I have an ear infection, laryngitis, and swollen lymph nodes. This means that the last two days have been spent just trying to get food in my body (haven't been hungry) and not necessarily making the best food choices.

With all that aside, I didn't do the cleanse today but will restart tomorrow.  Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day then the past few days.

That is all for my update this week.  By the end of December, I hope to be at 188. Time to push!