Deployment Weightloss: End of March Weigh In and Motivational Monday

Monday is such a funny day to me.  People usually dread the start of a new week and often people use it as the starting day for a new diet or workout plan.  I have been guilty of that too.  It is as if we need an excuse to live one more day poorly before we start or if Monday is truly a restart to our life.

Here is a secret, you can make changes any day of the week. I know it is crazy, but you could of started making changes yesterday. HAHA! However, today marked my final weigh in for the month.  My goal was to be at 180 by today.  On the 15th, I weighed 185.8.  So 180 didn't seem like such a ridiculous goal.

Unfortunately, I fell short of my goal.  I was slightly disappointed but not entirely surprised.  This past week wasn't my best week.  While I wasn't exactly filling myself with junk food, my food choices weren't always on point. Plus, I wasn't really working out like I would of wanted to due to various excuses. 

However, I am not going to beat myself up. I have started to see changes in my body. Though at times if I look too long in the mirror, I find myself picking out every flaw and everything I do hate about myself.  Still working on that self love aspect.  But trying to eat better and working out is apart of that, right? 

Recently, I have started "juicing" with the Nutribullet.  I am in love with it. I tried true juicing before and it was a fail.  The pieces of the machine are currently stashed away in an unused cabinet.

Monday is the start of a new week, but Monday doesn't mark the start of my journey.  I try pushing myself every day to improve myself for the betterment of my marriage, my son, and myself.  I didn't meet my goal this time but I will bust my ass to get the next one.  It is the half way point of this deployment and crunch time for me.  While everyone is worried about being summertime fine, I am worrying about homecoming. 

Today, I am starting to feel the effects of my work. I feel more energy (which is also contributed to vitamins) and I don't fell like I am dragging.  Having a one year old boy sucks the life out of you so quickly, but I may actually be able to make it through this day with out a nap.  Non-scale victory anyone? HAHA!

My next weigh in will be April 15th and my goal will be 175.  I have also started my third (and possibly last) bottle of Slimquick.  I will post a review once I have finished this bottle.  But so far it does seem to be better than the formula they had before.

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So what is motivating you through this Monday?