Wednesday Wishes 3/19/14

Recently, I realized that several of the things on my wish lists have fabricated themselves into a reality.  Grant it, most of them have been things that were bought.  However, I am starting to really believe in this whole putting what you want out there and making them happen.

On that note, I have lost 30 pounds as of my last weigh in since after the birth of my son.  I said I was going to lose weight and this time, it is really happening.

Now on to my wishes for this week:

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil
I had stretch marks before and definitely more after my pregnancy.  Now, I know you can't get rid of stretch marks, but if I could just minimize their appearance I would be thrilled.  While the reviews on this have been good for the most part, it is hard to choke up the $57 for something that some of the reviews make me think maybe this won't be strong enough for my stretch marks.  But when you have stretch marks, you always want to try anything to get rid of them, or is that just me?

Fitbit Aria
The first time I saw the Aria was when my parents convinced me to get the Fitbit Force for my early Christmas/birthday gift.  I didn't think much about it, especially since I already have a bathroom scale.  However, now that my determination to lose weight is at an all time high, I have been trying to be more accountable for how I eat and working out.  What I like about this scale is that it syncs with my Fitbit app which is also linked with my My Fitness Pal app.  Plus, I like that it helps keep track of your goals with weight and BMI.  It isn't something I need, but that is why it is a wish.

The Perfect Black Blazer
Anytime I go to look for clothes for a possible or current job, I always find cute shirts that I know will require a blazer to be work appropriate.  Every time I try to find a blazer, it is a fail.  Even when I am willing to put a bit more money into it.  Unfortunately, the blazer is never long enough, the sleeves are too short, or it is just not fitted enough. Usually, it is a combination of all three.  I just want to find that perfect black blazer to go over a cute shirt or even dress up some jeans. So until I do, this will be on my wish list for awhile. 
For My Growing Baby Fever........TO GO AWAY!
So I have already submitted to the idea of having a second child.  However, with everything going on and my crappy first pregnancy, I am not in too much of a rush.  For some reason, there is a bet that my husband will be the first to get his wife pregnant upon return from this deployment.  I plan to be back on birth control long before his return.  With that being said, there are moments where I do want to go ahead and have another baby. But reality crashes on me and I know that is not something I need at this time. I want to enjoy my husband being home and being able to have sex.  Pregnancy wasn't good to either one of those.  But all this time with my son and his charming little personality, it is messing with my biological clock. So my last wish for this week is that this baby fever would go away..........for now. 

So what are you wishing for?