Wednesday Wishes 3/26/2014

Another Wednesday has arrived and my wish list has grown. While there are quite a few fitness related things I have had my eyes on, I have gotten in touch with the girlie side of me again.

This is my wish list for this week:
Blecker Preston Satchel in Colorblock Leather
I originally saw this bag in the mini version.  While the general style does look similar to more expensive brands, I am still in love with this purse.  I like it in several of the colors (mini and the bigger size).  Typically, I stick with brown and black bags, but I want to break away from my usually boring colors and get something more spring like. But with no job and little activity outside of the house that doesn't involve a diaper bag, I guess this will be on my wish list for awhile.
Modern Citizen Striped Leather Jacket
Pinterest is a dangerous thing, it makes you want to buy things that you don't need. pinned this jacket and I instantly wanted it.  I have a thing for jackets, especially with this inconsistent weather.  My goal when my husband returns is to make more of an effort in my appearance and this jacket would definitely be a good start. My only issue with it is the fact that it looks kind of short. I prefer longer jackets because my torso is short and my legs are long, so I always want to even it out with my clothes.  
TRX Home Kit
I want this so badly.  Recently, I have seen so many great workouts with the suspension ropes and the fact that you can do them at home only makes me want to try it more.  To order the kit from the site is almost $200, but it seems so worth it if I can get the body of some of the people I have seen use this system.  
  A Waist Trainer
image from 
After my son was born, I did use a body shaper to help pull my stomach in a bit and I started using a waist slimmer during my work outs. There was a difference (to me anyways) in the appearance of my stomach after their use. With a lot of thought and some research, I decided I wanted to invest in a waist trainer.  While I am not trying to achieve some unrealistic or ridiculously small waist (because I don't think that is the safest thing for your body), I do want to pull in my waist a bit. the only reason it is on my wish list is because several of the companies I have checked into already have hit or miss customer service.  If I am going to pay good money, I don't want to wait weeks for my product.
 Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones in Light Blue
I kind of want to kick myself for missing out on getting these headphones. My dad had offered to buy me some wireless headphones last month.  But my dumb behind didn't realize that my iPod had Bluetooth, so I passed. The main reason I want these is because they are wireless.  Doing weights can sometimes be annoying when there is a cord constantly getting in your way from your headphones.  Oh well, maybe I will suck it up and buy them for myself when my current headphones blow out.