Wednesday Wishes 5/21/2014

Since my last post, my wish list has grown greatly.  With losing weight and deciding to make more of an effort on my appearance (again), I have been obssessing more and more over fashion and hair products. Of course I have found some new make up products I want to try too!

So here is what I have been wishing for lately:

Turquoise Peep Toe Heels
While I am not a peep toe fan, I LOVE T-strap heels. I found these on Pinterest.  The can be found on a UK website called ASOS Marketplace.  They would be a cute summer shoe and I would actually buy them if is wasn't for the huge issue that they don't come in my size.  While I'm sure I could find something similar in the states, it sucks that I can't have these:-(

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TOO FACED Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick
When I first saw this product hit the beauty blogs and IG, I didn't think anything about it.  While I like Too Faced, it isn't the brand I run to when something new comes out.  But after swatching it at Sephora and reading the reviews on, I have to get these in my collection.  With the shine of a gloss, the pigmentation of a lipstick, and the staying power of a stain this product is the perfect lip product.  But like so many makeup items I want, this will remain on my wish list until I have a job that makes me leave the house more or until my husband comes home and it isn't just my 17 month old looking at me daily.
This Navy Dress
I found this dress on Pinterest as well and was disappointed to find that the website was a dead end as to where the dress actually came from.  This picture was posted on and gives no details on the dress. The post is simply called "Metal Belt" and gives no references to anything in the picture.  I tried several ways to find where the dress came from and came up short......obviously.  I love the simplicity of this dress but until I can find where it came from, it is nothing more than a wish.

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Fashion Backpacks
I know I am a little late with this trend, but now that my son is out of the bottle phase I am over the diaper bag.  My mom always told me when I was a baby, she refused to carry the cartoon diaper bag and that she had to have a bag that coordinated with her outfit.  While I didn't have a cartoon diaper bag, my diaper bag wasn't anything special.  To avoid carrying a diaper bag now, I have just been stuffy my son's stuff in my big purse.  So it would be nice to carry something bigger and more fashionable when I leave the house with my son.  It is funny to see this come back, because I remember when the mini back packs were the trend.  Either way, I think I will make a move for a back pack this summer.

There is more that I have been wishing for but I'm going to keep it short this week. Until next time....
What are you wishing for lately?