Deployment Weightloss: The Home Stretch with 10lbs to Go

So for the last couple of months, I have been horrible with trying to lose weight. Between the trips back to Georgia and lack of motivation, my eating habits and workouts have been really inconsistent.

With the loss of my Fitbit watch, what was left of my motivation went out the window. I got on the scale on Saturday to check out the damage and was pleasantly surprised that I really hadn't gained any weight.  So I am trying to regain motivation and  lose at least 10 more pounds before my husband returns.
Now, 170 is not my final goal but for the short amount of time I have, it is the most realistic.  I will admit I am still struggling with this restart but I am really trying.  Found a gym where I can take my son with me and a work out buddy for the days the gym is closed and I have to go to the track.

My husband is already surprised by my weight loss so I feel somewhat accomplished in that aspect.  But I really want to make sure I look good in my dress for the battalion ball.  Which is a whole other obstacle for me right now.

 While I can see the changes in my body, I am a little disappointed in myself that I know I could of been further if I had stuck with my routine from earlier in this deployment.  But I try not to beat myself up about it too much.  Life happens and I am learning that stress doesn't usually aid in helping you.

Fourth of July is coming and one of best friends from college are flying to Kentucky for the weekend.  This will be a true test of my self control.  Between the holiday and my desire to hang out with her verses being in the gym.............well it won't be beneficial to my weight loss. 

Ten pounds is my goal and I plan to accomplish it. I got a good work out in last night with my friend and heading to the gym today.  I want to be in a size 8 before the ball (I'm currently between a 12 and a 10). So here is hoping for the best. Until next time.....