Wednesday Wishes 7/2/14

Shoes, redecorating and losing weight have been the things that have been crowding my thoughts lately. Because of that, I have spent way too much time on Pinterest over the last few weeks.

With my husband returning soon, I have been scrambling to get my last bit of preparation done before his homecoming.  While I work on homecoming, these things have crept onto my wish list.

Tufted Headboard
The pictured bed can be found at
So in my attempt to redecorate my home, my bedroom took the back burner.  Since we are in a great need to get a new bed, I didn't want to put too much effort into something that didn't have a focal point......the bed.  I love tufted headboards and would love to have a cream colored one but know that would be hard for us to keep clean. But I would still be happy with a black or brown one.  I have managed to find a few that are reasonably priced, but of course the ones I love is WAAAAAAY more expensive.  Story of my life.

Valentino "Noir Rockstud" T-Strap Pump
So I am sure you can guess why this is on my wish list: Valentino.  With a price tag of $1,075 on the Nordstrom website, that is something way beyond my shoe budget. But I have seen this shoe quite a few times lately from Instagram to magazines and I couldn't help but love them. I like these more than the regular Valentino Rockstud beceause the studs blend in more with the shoe; however, there is a lime green or yellow pair that I have seen that are amazing. Also, I have always loved a t-strap heel, so much so that I held on to a pair for far too long that the strap doesn't even fasten properly anymore.  These shoes are sexy with a bit of edge and I wish I had the money to buy them. But I guess I will just settle for looking at them from afar.

Giuseppe Zanotti Multicolor Fluorescent T-Strap Platform Sandal
Yes.......another out of my price range t-strap heel.  I first saw this on Instagram (of course) and thought these would be some sexy summer shoes.  Besided the fact that they are expensive, I get the impression that they are from last summer because the one site I found them on had them on sale and out of stock, several other retailers don't even have them on their website.  Not that it matters, even if the shoes were half off they would still be beyond my reach.
A Sexy, Confident Homecoming
So this may be a t.m.i. moment, but I've never been a lingerie girl. Before my husband, foreplay started off with a "You wanna fuck?" So when I got married, I thought it would be different. Well, old habits die hard.  My plan was to bust my ass in the gym during this deployment, so when homecoming came I could be confident to wear something like the girl in the picture.  Unfortunately, my laziness got in the way. While I have lost a noticeable amount of weight, it isn't anywhere close to where I want to be.  The loss isn't too bad since being celibate for 9 months, I'm sure my husband will just be happy to be laid even if I am looking less than lingerie ready.
So what are you wishing for?