Deployment Weightloss: Final Weigh In, Ball Dress Dreams, and New Goals

My deployment weight loss ended August 7th and so did my self control.  For about 3 days, I juiced in anticipation of homecoming.  While I did not hit my goal weight, I did just break the 180 mark the morning of homecoming.
So I went to homecoming pretty proud of my transformation and my husband definitely noticed the difference.  However, as we distanced ourselves from homecoming, I noticed the scale number going back up with each passing day.

When Akeem was away, I tried not to keep snacks, juice, and sweets in the house.  I have no self control and nothing has been more evident of that fact than the last few weeks. Once we decided not to go to the ball, I just went into "fuck it" mode and decided to eat what I want and enjoy having my husband home.

Tried these on back in April. Set a goal of trying to fit into a size 8 dress for the ball. 
I got on the scale on Monday, after telling my husband I was going to start doing better and get back on track.  The number that appeared was disappointing but not really surprising.  I had gained more than 10 pounds in the 3 weeks since my husband returned.  The biggest thing that got me was the juice and the sweets.  Two things that I had managed to fight took over my diet when homecoming was over.
  Staring down at 191.4 was weird.  I had worked so hard to get to the 180s that allowing myself to let go so quickly was kind of hard to admit and witness.  But I decided that I can't sit around and pity myself for something I did and decided to tackle it head on.

While it is hard to eat like I did before my husband returned, I have been taking little steps such as drinking more water and not repurchasing ANOTHER bag of Oreos (I've eaten like 3 or 4 packages basically by myself in the last 3 weeks smh).  I am also looking into a meal replacement program. I will be trying out Shakeology finally in a few weeks and excited to see what changes it brings.

My biggest motivation is a possible move.  Akeem put in a request to PCS (move) to Hawaii.  I refuse to move to a beachy duty station and not feel beach ready.  So already worked out for the last two days and planning to hit the gym in a couple of hours.  With Hawaii possibly in my future and an attempt at another pregnancy next year, I will be getting it in.  So be on the look out for more weight loss tracking post to come soon because I won't let this setback bring me down.