Wish List Wednesday 9/20/17

Happy Wednesday everyone! I missed my wish list last week, but I have definitely found some goodies I would love to share.....and hope to soon try out ;-)

So here is what I am wishing for this week:

I stumbled across this product while trying to find an eye mask of theirs that seems to be discontinued.  If you have already clicked on the link, you will see why this is a wish list item.  For $240, it is a bit out of any reasonable price range for me to justify this purchase to my husband.

As I look back at old pictures and videos of myself, it is becoming more and more obvious that my skin doesn't look as bright and youthful as it once did. So if my skin were to look like any of the other people on YouTube who use products from this brand, I may have to find a way to get it ;-) 

Picture by @Selcouth_vagary

The Stairway to Heaven is the hiking trail that makes me question my sanity for wanting to do it. But every time I see pictures of someone who was brave/bold enough to take it on, I want to do it more. 

So why is this on my wish list?  The stairway portion is deemed unsafe and illegal.  The fine is $1,000 and that is more than I am willing to risk. Plus, I have been told it is a 6 hour hike.  Either way, I wish I could do the hike without the risk of paying $1000.  Maybe one day I will be rich enough to say screw it! LOL!

There was a period of time where I was obsessed with essential oils.  While I still have some fascination (I used lavender oil all the time), I haven't diffused anything lately.  When I saw these vapor pen like diffusers, my interests were immediately peaked. 

I want to try Zen, Happy, and Active because the idea of moving across the country within months has me stressed, mad, and lazy. They are $20 a piece, so I may be doing a little online shopping soon.

I first learned of this company in a Facebook group. The appearance alone intrigued me. When I checked out the website, I saw that their products help flush toxins, stimulate collagen, heal, and contour the skin. These definitely will be in my future beauty routine.  Even if they don't do anything for my skin, they are still beautiful and would make a nice accessory on my vanity.

So that is my wish list for this week. What are you wishing for these days?