A Summer Ex Follow-Up


I this is my follow up post to the summer ex blog post:
My mother forwarded me the letter and it was so bizarre to look at.  I stared at the envelope wondering what the hell an ex from over four years ago could possibly have to say to me.  I soon found out, he thought he had a lot to say.

The letter was short and to the point. Z wanted to see me and had been looking for me on pretty much every social networking site and found out my address through the satellite view of google maps (long story).  After a wave of emotions, I decided to email him and eventually call him.  A few brief exchanges were made before I finally decided (sort of) that I would see him.

This week, I came home with no real intention of seeing him.  However, I had to return another guy's gift at the mall and figured I would kill two birds with one stone by meeting Z there.  What happened next was a bit of a fail.

We were supposed to meet in the food court and as I sat there waiting on him, I did feel irritated.  My annoyance was interrupted when I saw the tiny body of my ex.  He looked like a cancer patient, he was so thin.  Come to find out he was 50 pounds smaller than when we dated.  I have many thoughts on his weight loss but I will leave it alone.  He said it was because when I knew him, it was right after his football days.  Either way, this new look didn't bring me any comfort.
Z, 50 lbs smaller than that pic from the earlier post:-/

I had originally planned to let Z say his piece because he seemed so concerned about telling me the truth, then ditch him to finish my mall trip.  That idea went out of the window.

Without boring you with too much detail, he told me the truth about his tattoo.  The same tattoo that read the name of a girl that was supposedly dead, killed by her drug dealers.  LIE! While I had figured he was lying long ago, he managed to surprise me a little: the tattoo was for a girl he was talking too WHILE dating me. NICE!

He revealed more truths that I really didn't even care about at this point in my life and then we sat there in awkward silence as he tried to read my face.  He said he had changed (which I don't entirely believe), but after I let down my hostile wall a little bit (blew off plans with a couple other people) I decided to shrug it off and walk around the mall with him.

I guess he felt really guilty because that is the first time I left the mall with that much shit and I didn't pay for ANYTHING! I know losing your virginity is a big deal but for me it was more of something to get out of the way; however, he felt since he was my first that he was extra wrong for his indiscretions.  SURE, WHATEVER YOU SAY!

He says he wants to be friends even though sex was obviously on his mind (which he later confirmed), I don't know if that can really happen.  Guys you have had sex with that want to be friends later......never seem to want to stay "just friends" for long.  But guess we will see....

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