Hair Experiment: Samy Fat Foam (R5 Medium Reddish Brown)

So I decided to color my hair again a few weeks ago.  I really wanted to try the new foam hair dye by John Frieda, but when I went to the store, they didn't have any reddish brown colors.  I even looked at the Sublime Mousse by L'Oreal, but of course I couldn't find a reddish brown color. 

Wanting to stick with the whole foam dye concept, I picked up the Samy Fat Foam.  The color I picked was R5 Medium Reddish Brown.  While I had seen the box before, I didn't really know much about the brand.  However, I decided to go with it and hope for the best.  I figured it couldn't be any worse than my previous hair dying experience.  But then again, dying your hair is always a risky thing when you are going lighter.

So this is what came in the box:

This is the starting point for my dying experience:

So while my previous dye job was supposed to be a reddish brown, it turned out to be more brown then reddish.  Also, the color wasn't that vibrant if I wasn't directly in some form of light.  Between that and my roots being a bit of a contrast from the rest of my hair, I wanted to try and achieve more of a red based brown color.

Basically, you take the base solution and pour the powder color in the container and shake it up.  The foam goes from a white color and gradually turns a more maroon like color.  Then you apply to your hair.  The difference with this dye is that you leave it on for about 30 minutes after about a 10 minute application time.  My previous dye experience was about 20 minutes and that was because I left it on a little longer than instructed.

Then I rinsed the color out.....

This is how it looked shortly into air drying.....

When I initially put the dye in, I was afraid that my hair was going to come out crazy red, which is not what I was trying to achieve.  Then when I rinsed it out, I was afraid that I had messed up because I didn't see any change (from where I started).  Now my final pictures were taken a few days after the dye job.  Unfortunately, my camera just couldn't pick up the true color of my hair.  The final result was great.  Red was more prominent in the brown this time than the last time.  I wish it could of been a TAD bit more vibrant, but with red color I fear crossing the line from office appropriate to ghetto.  But this is definitely a dye I would recommend to anyone trying to achieve a reddish brown color.  Foam application is easy and the color choice was true to the description (if that makes sense haha).

Until my next dye job.......:-)